Showing And Exciting Cria Births Ahead

Welcome to Churchfield Alpacas, where we are transitioning from a rewarding showing season to an exciting period of anticipated Cria Births. This year’s successes at national shows set the stage for a promising birthing season with crias expected from our new stud, Inca Paraguay. Join us as we explore the impact of our past achievements and look forward to new beginnings.

A Stellar Showing Season and Anticipated Cria Births at Churchfield Alpacas

As the vibrant atmosphere of the British Alpaca National Show, Heart of England Fiesta, and South of England Show gradually settles, we at Churchfield Alpacas take pride in our recent achievements. This year, our smaller, carefully selected show team comprised of intermediates, adults, and seniors, marked a humble yet notable presence. While we may not have swept the awards, the commendable performance of our alpacas against tough competition was a significant achievement that deserves celebration. Our team of five, though modest in number, demonstrated exceptional quality and resilience, embodying the spirit and standards we strive for at Churchfield Alpacas.

The experience has been incredibly rewarding, providing our team with valuable insights and reaffirming our commitment to maintaining high standards in our breeding program. Each show was an opportunity to connect with fellow breeders, gather feedback, and return with renewed enthusiasm for the continuous improvement of our herd.

Looking Ahead: Shearing and Birthing Season

With the onset of May, excitement builds at our farm as we transition into the shearing and birthing season. The shearing process is not only vital for the wellbeing of our alpacas but also serves as a critical evaluation tool, allowing us to scrutinize the influence of our breeding decisions on fleece quality. The upcoming season is particularly stirring, as we eagerly await the arrival of crias from our new stud, Inca Paraguay. This solid dark fawn sire, boasting an impressive lineage that includes Surtierra Shadow and genes from Lavender Park Tulley crossed with ATA Cambridge Centurion, is expected to bring a fresh and promising genetic blend to our herd.

The potential of these new crias fuels our excitement for the future, promising to enhance the genetic diversity and quality of our fleece production. We are meticulously preparing for the birthing season, ensuring that all conditions are optimal for the health and comfort of both the mothers and their crias.

Embracing the Future

Our journey from the show rings to the birthing pens is driven by an unwavering dedication to the welfare and excellence of our alpacas. As we embrace the future, we invite you to stay connected with us through our blog. Here, we will share updates, stories, and insights from our daily life at Churchfield Alpacas. Your support is invaluable, and it inspires us to keep striving for excellence in every aspect of our farm operations.

We look forward to another productive season at Churchfield Alpacas, enriched by new learnings, new births, and the continuous joy these magnificent animals bring to our lives.

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