Honey: The journey of the Honey Bee

Introduction to the World of Honeybees and Honey Production Welcome to the enchanting realm of honeybees, where these industrious insects orchestrate the creation of honey, a process as old as time, yet forever fascinating. Honey isn’t just another sweetener; it’s the fruit of a complex, labor-intensive effort that combines the wonders of natural biology with […]

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Alpaca Stud Selection Guide

Boost Your Herd’s Genetics Selecting the Right Alpaca Stud for Your Breeding Season: A Comprehensive Guide The breeding season is a crucial period for alpaca owners, with the selection of studs playing a pivotal role in the future direction and success of your herd. Whether you’re considering an in-house alpaca stud or exploring external mating

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Stud Service Auction 2024

BAS National Stud Service Auction 2024 Spotlight on Inca Paraguay for the British Alpaca Society National Stud Auction We at Churchfield Alpacas are delighted to participate in the prestigious Stud Service Auction 2024, an essential fundraiser for the British Alpaca Society National Show 2024. As a highlight of our contribution, we’re offering the stud services

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